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The Fifth Juror

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The Advocate

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women of redemption

"I enjoy creating complex, in-depth characters who are forced to face their imperfections head-on."
— Lori

Lori's Women of Redemption series features ordinary women who become entangled in extraordinary circumstances after their choices land them on a delicate high-wire crossing moral and ethical boundaries. Unlike book series that often showcase heroines who never make a wrong decision, Lori's books center around flawed, but realistic characters who must face the consequences that have resulted from their past choices and actions. These women aren't perfect, but perfectly kick-ass when given a second chance.  

Fbi profiler SERIES


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About Lori

Lori began her writing journey at the age of 14, making up stories about teens navigating the precarious world between childhood and adulthood. Her inspiration was S.E. Hinton and the troubles Ponyboy and the gang encountered in The Outsiders. Those troubles seem tame compared to the entanglements of blackmail, murder, and juror misconduct her characters find themselves in now. Lori attended her first writing conference more than twenty years ago, and since has studied the art and craft of fiction writing through reading many a book, picking the brains of best-selling authors, and attending numerous other conferences. She's also been forced to participate in many a retreat with other aspiring writers on the beaches of Maui, La Jolla, North and South Carolina, and Cape Cod, as well as the wine regions of France and California, all in the pursuit of perfecting her craft. It's a tough job, but she's up to the task. Lori is a lover of coffee, books, music, yoga, pilates, wine, travel, and most of all, dogs. She lives in Centennial, CO with three adorable Pomeranians.

The Advocate is a re-write and update of Lori's first novel, The Seventh Survivor, published in 2006. The Fifth Juror is her second novel. She is also hard at work on a thriller series featuring Frankie Johnson, FBI Special Agent and Local Profiler for the Charlotte, North Carolina field office. 

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"I love it when characters reveal themselves to you in ways you never expected."
— Lori



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