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99 Truths

"Deception and lies at their best." - G. Howell

"The ending, wow. Just wow!" - Kathy D.

"The ending blew me away." - A. Jackson

A murderer on the loose. A career on the line. If she fails to catch him, she’ll lose more than her job..

99 Truths

After a recent mistake, FBI special agent Frankie Johnson is desperate to prove she has what it takes to become a lead profiler with the Bureau’s Charlotte, NC field office. So when the district attorney’s daughter is discovered bound, raped, and murdered, she volunteers to assist the local detective on the case to help find her killer. The evidence leads to two suspects—the victim’s husband and her lover—but after a series of intense interrogations, the detective finds himself no closer to uncovering the truth. It’s clear both suspects are lying, but about who, what, and when?

Frankie develops four possible profiles based upon the murderer’s motive and intent, but with the facts shifting daily, any one of them could prove correct. She battles the headstrong detective to convince him of her findings, but with physical evidence that is simultaneously damning and circumstantial, she senses their only hope in finding the true killer is to uncover the lies in their suspects’ testimony. 

Now, it’s a race to expose someone who knows the deception game as well as she does. Can she see through the misleading words and actions of a killer to uncover the one lie that will expose the truth before a killer walks free?

99 Truths is the electrifying first book in the Frankie Johnson FBI Profiler thriller series. If you like cop dramas, heroines with heart, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Lori Lacefield’s chilling mystery. 

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"I hope that readers will continue to think about the dilemmas my characters faced, long after they finish the book."
— Lori

99 Truths

Available October 1, 2021

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