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The Advocate

"A must for every crime fiction collection" - LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Grabs you by the lapels and hurls you toward the ending" - Shane Gericke, author of Blown Away and Cut to the Bone

"A Taut, twisting tale of justice and revenge" - Bob Mayer, NY Times best-selling author

"Is a charitable cause worth killing for?"

For some, the answer is yes.

The advocate

Former victim Palmer Reed is facing the anniversary of her kidnapping and the unsolved death of two men when she receives an invitation to join the board of Tennessee's prestigious Diamond Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of crime. Run by Marjoram Swall, a woman known as "The Vindicator", who helped rescue Palmer twenty years ago from the hands of their mutual enemy, the Foundation casts Palmer into its society of country clubs, elite galas, and fundraisers. Palmer quickly embraces the calling of the Foundation, believing that by helping other victims, it will aid in resolving her own past. But something dark lies beneath the Foundation's surface, and when Palmer uses the organization's sinister methods of extortion to enact vengeance upon those who hurt her and destroyed her father, she finds herself at the crossroads of an assassin, her father's enemies, and even Marjoram herself. For Palmer has discovered what the others don't know — Marjoram's willingness o take justice to the ultimate level — murder.

In The Advocate, mysterious accidents, betrayal, and revenge make sure that no one plays by the rules in this high-tension thriller where extortion, murder, and lovers past and present collide. The plot leaves you asking, what would you do?

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"I hope that readers will continue to think about the dilemmas my characters faced, long after they finish the book."
— Lori

The Advocate