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The Rumor

the rumor - a psychological suspense novella #1

The Rumor


Beth McCallum and Nick Storvik are attending their twentieth high school reunion when they learn of a disturbing revelation. The bones of Missy Ferguson, a high school classmate who disappeared their Junior year, have been discovered in a Michigan wildlife reserve and an autopsy reveals she was murdered. Suspects are scarce, but when an old rumor resurfaces that Missy was pregnant before she disappeared and Nick was the father, Nick quickly becomes the prime suspect. Beth swears the allegations about her then-boyfriend and Missy were never true, promising she and Nick were together the entire autumn of that year, but the truth is, Beth can’t remember what occurred those last two weeks of October 1996 at all. As secrets and lies are exposed, Beth and Nick find their marriage tested as each begins to suspect the other has much to hide, including the possibility that one of them is capable of murder.

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Burning Anthology

Burning (adj) - on fire; very hot or bright; very keenly or deeply felt; intense; of urgent interest or importance; exciting...

Burning (noun) - An Anthology of 14 thrilling stories by 14 outstanding authors.

Lori's short story, The Fire Keeper, is now available in the new anthology, Burning! The Fire Keeper introduces FBI Agent and Local Profiler, Frankie Johnson, the featured protagonist in her upcoming FBI Profiler series available in September 2019! Get your copy of Burning now, and discover Special Agent Frankie Johnson!

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