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The Rumor

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New judge & jury Giveaways

Enter now for a chance to win 14 thrillers featuring tales of Judges and Juries - some who stand up for justice, others who take justice into their own hands, including a copy of The Advocate and The Fifth Juror. Giveaway runs Jan. 15 - Feb. 28. One winner will be selected Feb. 28, 2019! 

Judge and Jury Giveaway

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Congratulations to our latest December winners! C. Crosby and B. Caves for an autographed copy of "The Rumor"; R. Marcin and B. Laude for an autographed copy of "The Advocate"; B. Smith and J. Massman for an autographed copy of "The Fifth Juror"; E. Worthwam and H. Popkin for an autographed copy of "Burning"; and A. Donahue and J. Blumke for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 

Congratulations to Brendan Curtis and Jean Jackson for winning the Short Story Anthology and Redemption and Revenge Giveaways!

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